About us

High End Outlet has been growing month by month and originally started by having the view that outlets across the world are not accessible to many. High End Outlet brings these services directly to you online. Not only this, but we try and bring lower prices than the conventional outlet as we do not pay fixed costs such as rent and the added costs that come from a physical store.


A recent article by BusinessOfFashion stated ‘among the many problems facing today's retail market, unsold stock might be one of its biggest handicaps’ and that in the US alone ‘estimates indicate dead inventory is costing the US retail industry $50 billion a year.’


Most designer labels produce excess stock in the contingency that they can supply demand if it increases – however the downside to this, is that brands are usually left with surplus stock around the world, sitting in factories gathering dust.


High End Outlet has capitalised on this issue by cooperating with these brands to buy surplus and over produced stock at up to 90% off. By creating this partnership, we benefit both the brands and our customers by taking what was originally dead stock to the brands and supplying our customers with low prices!

So, how are prices so low? High End Outlet work directly with the world’s leading fashion manufacturers to bring wholesale prices straight to consumers, providing our members designer deals with the assurance that goods are genuine. The key is that we don't mark up prices of products they source, simply paying a small membership fee grants you all-inclusive access to our range of services.


Starting from  £29 a month, your golden ticket is your doorway to their exclusive designer selection as well as a personalised shopping service where the team work directly with you to source sellout items.


We promise to sell all the stock we get for the price we pay. ZERO profit is made on products, but rather we ask a membership fee be purchased to access this inventory. 


All products sold on High End Outlet are 100% authentic and undamaged. We also sometimes come across samples which are sourced directly from brands.


I don’t know what I would do without the outlet, its saved me so much money!
— James Boreman (England)
High End Outlet has given me access to prices I have never seen before, I love it!
— Frederick Werdelin (Denmark)