Detox Your Wardrobe

Although our business mainly focuses on the sales of brand new items, we have recently introduced new perks to our members:

Overflowing wardrobe and nothing to wear? Tired of trying to list your products on auction sites or marketplaces and being faced with extortionate fees? Don't have the time to pack and post the products?

High End Outlet has your answer. Submit an appraisal online with the number of products, brands and attach pictures and we will send you back a detailed appraisal and contact form within 24 hours. Happy with your appraisal? Simply sign our release form, ship or arrange collection of the products and let us do the hard work! 

We will photograph, list and ship your pre loved items giving you no hassle at all. 




After you ship or arrange collection of your items - once a product is sold on the site, we will charge a 10% fixed fee. Shipping costs are paid by the customer and no overhead will be passed onto you. 



Submit the form below with as much detail as possible, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed report on what your pre loved clothes might be worth.

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